submitted: Jan 29, 2021


Maybe I never got the memo, but what exactly is DAC supposed to be? Is it a place we come to watch talking heads spout about the cloud and how we need to accelerate our decisions as a company to be successful? Is it a place that Dynamic Communities just wanted to throw all of the UGs onto a single experience so we can all synergize? I can't honestly believe that DC thinks that this stands as a replacement for end-user to end-user engagement, which I would argue is what people came to the UGs for. Not to listen to endless sales pitches from ISVs, or 'technology gurus' regurgitate the latest mantra passed down from corporate PR. I generally enjoyed (GPUG) but watching it morph into whatever this is is truly disheartening.

I feel the same way (DSLUG)....and I was honestly curious to see Daisy's response to you as a DC representative, which it appears she commented on, but the website appears too broken to see it....

Hello Matthew, the GPUG site is up and running, and you are welcome to continue using that platform. As you know, members of our team (including myself) have reached out to you. On the point of endless pitches from ISV Partners, I am not sure where you are finding this. If you are referring to the "binge" event we hosted, there are three sessions there that include customer case-studies (part of the requirement to be a sponsor of that program as an ISV Partner) from our partners sponsoring the event--however the point of these was to literally not be a pitch and speak from the context of the customer. Regarding talking heads, I am not sure if you are referring to the same event, but it featured leaders from the community sharing stories of the transformations their businesses are managing through. And the "tech guru" that was featured is Bob Evans, who has been reporting on the business technology industry and currently runs Cloud Wars media--and no one was regurgitating press releases. The UG environments can be found here as we continue to migrate from the older sites, but we have purposely left the old sites on so that everyone can continue to engage there if that is what they prefer.

Hi John, I'm aware that the legacy UGs are still online, thankfully. I appreciate your team members reaching out, and I have responded expanding on what I believe the issue is. But boiled down to the meat of it, DAC seems more like a sales pitch than it does for a platform for users to engage with each other. It feels like someone gave a marketing firm a fat budget and simply let them go wild to be honest. I'd argue that if you were to ask a user what they thought Decision Acceleration Community was supposed to be they'd look at you with a blank stare. I'd say it's a perfect example of speaking and saying nothing. I mean what decisions is DAC attempting to accelerate for the members? Moving to the Cloud? Subscribing to the latest reporting platform? AP Automation? If DC can seriously look it's members in the face and say that DAC is the path forward for meaningful interaction between platform users then fine go forth and accelerate those decisions, but I'm not buying it. As far as the legacy UGs remaining online for use, I'm not sure if bifurcating the users further between those that use DAC vs the UGs is going to make the situation any better.

Thanks for the message back Matthew, and I am sorry you feel this way. This platform was not the work of a marketing agency with a big budget, it it is the work, sweat, passion and effort of the less than 20 employees that work at Dynamic Communities today. Each of us playing a role; from dev to user engagement to onboarding to content organization to sales to operations and more--this is all being done internally. We got hit very hard by Covid-19 per the inability to host live events--the effort around this platform is our approach to reimagining the business model (not unlike other folks in our position) while our old platforms were reaching end of life. All of the ISV Partners who have their own profile pages can share stories and information in the platform and link to stuff from their sites, however there is no literal advertising, like pop up ads, interstitial banners and other things that get in the way of accessing information. It is an environment to share information with the community but It is not perfect, we still have some bugs and we have reinvested to keep the old UG sites up as a service to the community while we continue to work through those things with our small group. As a top contributor in the GPUG community, we could sure use your help as we continue to try and serve the community and welcome your feedback and guidance. The name (decision acceleration) came from me personally asking folks what the community dynamics were of this "dynamic community" when i first came on board in the middle of the pandemic during September--I heard back multiple times that it was the ability to help make decisions faster...hence decision acceleration. While there are macro issues, like you mention, around cloud migration and reporting platforms, there are tech, finance and other system fix decisions that need to be made everyday as well--which is always the way we have talked about DAC.

So now this post appears hidden from the DAC Answers list... that doesn't seems sketchy. Because we all know that trying to hide dissenting opinions is the best was to run a USER GROUP. Up till this point I'd been indifferent to the obscene deformation of a user community that is DAC and whatever DC has been morphed into by John, but this is literally ridiculous. Originally in my mind, DC would simply take time to re-orient and slowly transform DAC into something actually usable, this just seems like DC doubling down and saying screw our user's (and remember DC's customers) opinions. Is this is all the scrutiny that DAC can take before buckling and attempting to sweep things under the rug?