Keynote: The Digital Acceleration Imperative with Bob Evans

Bob Evans, creator of Cloud Wars and leading influencer in the business technology category, will define how the digitization of business is impacting every organization, big and small, around the world. Delivering a customer-centric point of view through his analysis of the digital economy, Evan’s perspective will leave you inspired and curious to learn more as he explains where the world is going and the role you can play. Evans will also explain why Microsoft is at the top of his Cloud Wars ranking and what that means to all of us in the community.

4:00 PM - 4:39 PM39 min

John Siefert
CEO at Dynamic Communities

Bob Evans
Creator of #CloudWars · Keynote speaker at Evans Strategic Communications

Community Transformation Tips

In this bonus segment, two LDAC/UG Leaders represent the user perspective and share their “Community Take” on Digital Transformation.Tommy Puglia, senior Manager of BI at Comp TIA and Chicago LDAC/UG Leader, discusses the popularity of custom connectors and his experience encouraging users to become citizen developers.Pablo Moreno, senior data scientist at Dell and Panama LDAC/UG Leader, shares the accelerating data evolution from “Excel is King” and the strategy of experimentation to inform organizational change.

4:40 PM - 4:44 PM04 min

Tommy Puglia
Senior Manager Business Intelligence at CompTIA

Pablo Moreno
Senior Data Scientist at Dell

Future-Proofing Receivables with Digital Transformation - Ardent Mills' Success Story

Hear the story of Ardent Mills- America's leading flour supplier. Struggling with manual order-to-cash processes, they partnered with HighRadius to optimize their AR operations. HighRadius is a fintech leader that provides end-to-end order-to-cash solutions with a comprehensive solution portfolio. HighRadius recently launched the RadiusOne AR Suite, designed specifically for mid-sized businesses to automate AR processes and achieve a faster time-to-cash.

4:45 PM - 4:59 PM14 min

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Digital Progress @ Delta Medical with Michelle Kocher

With a decade and a half experience at Delta Medical, Michelle outlines the transformative process the business has gone through and the impact it has created for the business.  From a relatively recent Dynamics CRM implementation to meet customer needs to leveraging PowerBI and capturing data that can be shared across the team, Michelle is leading Delta Medical to a digital future to drive the company forward.

5:00 PM - 5:12 PM12 min

Michelle Kocher
VP of Operations at Delta Medical Systems

How Ducks Unlimited is Transforming with Cloud Based Reporting from Solver

Going beyond financial performance management to achieve greater success, Ducks Unlimited CIO Govan Horner defines the why and how of transforming the not for profit with solutions from Microsoft D365 and Solver.  With a need to update the technology stack from the ground up to meet business, process and donor needs, Horner describes how the cloud-based reporting and planning tools from Solver in a D365 environment were key to creating ‘one version of the truth’ for their environmental protection and water fouling initiatives. 

5:14 PM - 5:29 PM15 min

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From Digital Transformation to Digital Acceleration with Janet Schijns

Janet is a visionary and no-nonsense leader who through innovation and transformational action-oriented plans drives tangible results. She is a seasoned presenter who captivates audiences with her simple yet powerful approach to the complicated world of the business of technology. She is dedicated to the advancement of Women in Technology, founding her not for profit “Tech World’s Half” in 2017 to address the issue of women dropping out of technology. Whether it is your business or your career - rapid growth is Janet’s mantra. Her clients regularly increase revenues by more than 40% and achieve unparalleled share growth in the markets they cover.

5:30 PM - 5:49 PM19 min

Janet Schijns
CEO at JS Group

Transformation in the Real World with Bob Stahr

Bob Stahr, 20+ year veteran in the IT industry, shares his thoughts on digital transformation with real-world insights. He dives into areas such as the fear of change, impact on people, embracing new ideas, benefits of automation, and much more.

5:50 PM - 6:04 PM14 min

Bob Stahr
IT Consultant at Bob Stahr

The Smart Path to the Cloud for Dynamics GP with PowerGP Online

Taking your ERP into the Cloud can be a wild journey. Discover why customers like Virginia Realtors know joining the PowerGP Online Cloud is the right move when wanting to transform their Dynamics GP.

6:05 PM - 6:18 PM13 min

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Transforming Mountains of Environmental Data with Alice Drummond

As the Director of Environmental Analytics and Co-Founder of DiscoverEI, Alice Drummond's passion is combining Power BI, graphic design, and environmental modeling to breathe new life into data. In this segment, hear her lessons learned after 9+ years as an environmental engineer and how she embraces Digital Transformation in her own business. Alice describes how she implements new company tools to stay relevant, creates prototypes vs. pitch decks to showcase visualization potential, uses external consulting strategies to encourage buy-in, and more. From a user, to citizen developer, to entrepreneur, Alice is a powerhouse example for other Women in Tech and aspiring business owners.

6:20 PM - 6:35 PM15 min

Alice Drummond
Director of Environmental Analytics at DiscoverEI

Transforming to Cloud CRM at a Non-Profit with J.R. Howard

A truly transformative cloud journey for UPIC Solutions led to streamlined processes and a seamless pivot during a global pandemic. J.R. describes their path from an outdated, inefficient Dynamics CRM system to a cohesive and collaborative SalesForce CRM ecosystem. UPIC is now able to service their United Way partners more quickly and effectively, surface key data metrics on donors and members, all the while championing inclusion and diversity within their organization.

6:35 PM - 6:50 PM15 min

J.R. Howard
CEO at UPIC Solutions

Wrap Up: Top 10 List of Actionable Takeaways

The hosts of The Digital Acceleration Binge Day regroup to share their top takeaways from the event.

6:50 PM - 7:06 PM15 min

John Siefert
CEO at Dynamic Communities

Bridget Courneya
Online Editor at Dynamic Communities

Aaron Back
DAC Director at Dynamic Communities