Community Feedback & User Group Weekly Update

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment, share feedback and help guide the team at Dynamic Communities regarding the future of the user groups relative to the decision acceleration community.  

As folks have commented, the DAC environment is not a user group website replacement.  We tried to create elements that were like a traditional UG discussion board and the ability to organize local users groups through the platform--however we ran into a number of hurdles with legacy local user group data coupled with user expectations per the traditional sites.  So instead of trying to create something “better” to serve this purpose, we are doing our best to listen and respond.

Therefore, to best serve our community of users:

  1. We will keep the existing user group websites on for the foreseeable future
  2. The functionality on those sites will remain for local users group organization and management
  3. The forums and discussion boards will remain active and available for all users
  4. Dynamic Communities and Microsoft have heard feedback and requests from UG leaders and members for better UG support as users are migrating their applications from on-premise to cloud. We are in discussions with Microsoft to best support the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform user groups.
  5. Those discussions do not mean that the traditional on-premise user groups are at risk of going away

The Decision Acceleration website is an additional resource available to the community--not a replacement for the traditional user groups.  With this, here is what DAC offers:

  1. A library of webinars and video content that can be searched by User Group--as the site “learns” this search will get better and better.  We will be removing the local user group and discussion boards in these spots on DAC as to reduce any confusion
  2. A user can personalize a feed of content by choosing tags to follow. The platform will get smarter about what the user is interested in and sees in their feed over time.
  3. ANYONE in the community can post helpful content in the form of video links from YouTube or Vimeo, links shares to anywhere on the web, blog posts in our publishing platform or PDF uploads like infographics or presentations
  4. Original content like Video podcasts, interviews and digital events that are focused giving real world perspective and guidance on business applications, digital business, automation, cloud solutions, ERP, security, reporting tools and more.
  5. The ability to create your own unique user profile and save specific content to a “bookshelf”
  6. There is no traditional advertising on this website, instead we are giving platform providers and independent software vendors the ability to post helpful content, share expertise through digital events, highlight real world customer examples, join podcasts and more.  Each of those companies that have invested in the platform have “activity triggers” where a user can request a discovery call or connect in other ways for a demo or to get questions answered.
  7. For partners that do not want to have a profile page for their company, they are 100% welcome (and encouraged) to post from their individual user pages and share content with the community

Over the coming months the DAC site will continue to evolve with:

  1. Discuss, debate and define forums that are about specific themes like the ‘future office of the CFO’, ‘automation,’ ‘digital acceleration’ and more,  but these will not be ‘help desk’ related (that will remain in a UG environment).
  2. invite only environments that will be defined with the user group boards and led by Aaron Back
  3. Transcripts of video presentations that pull the most salient points to help decrease the amount of time it takes to find the right answers

While we continue to build and create this platform, bring physical events back to the community and execute on-demand and point in time digital event programs, we will communicate as well as we can.  Specifically, you will see updates like this one on our status, this piece defining the process for Summit NA call for papers and more.

While 2020 was a very tough year for us, we are listening, rebuilding and working to bring the best resources we can to the market.  We will not get everything right every time, but we will listen, respond and move forward.

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates!


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