DAC Binge Day FAQ

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What is a binge day?

A binge day is an intensive 3-hour collection of new content that serves to inform, influence and accelerate our understanding of a specific topic in an easy video format.  Yeah, we were having a little fun with this naming, but the cool part is, after our “live” event day, just like your favorite show on NetFlix, the programming will be available on-demand at any time to “binge” for the community.  We will be considering longer forms of a “binge” as our platform matures.

How do I watch a session?

On binge day, the sessions will play one after the other. Immediately following their “airing” the session will be on demand from the event page and delivered through your personalized feed if you are following the tags aligned with it.

How do I engage with speakers and ask a question?

Simply ask the question here in the chat section and the speaker will reply as swiftly as possible.

How do I connect with the sponsor to learn more?

The activity trigger for the sponsor is “live” during the binge day, so you can request a discovery call via the DAC platform and connect directly with the sponsor/partner. You also have the ability to reach out before or after the Binge!  From the sponsor’s profile page in DAC, you can reach out to them directly with 1 click to Book A Demo, Request A Discovery Call or Ask a Question before or after the Binge!

How are the speakers chosen?

For this binge day, John Siefert, Aaron Back and the DAC team invited specific speakers to join us based on their experience and expertise in the digital transformation space.  Going forward, content planning committees will play a role as well.

How were the sponsors invited?

Nancy Anello, who leads DAC partner sales, worked with our sponsors based on their contextual relevance to the topic.  There were a total of three spots available and the sponsor documentation can be found here. If you’d like to participate in an upcoming Binge Day, contact partner@dynamiccommunities.com to learn more.

Are there other binge days planned?

Yes, as opposed to doing broad virtual events, we are focusing on these shorter form binges to give everyone quick and simple access to the actionable information that can help with big projects and smaller tech fixes.  We will have a full list and the ability to reserve a seat at all of them very soon.  In the meantime, you can see the full list for Q1 2021 by tapping here.

Binge Day Support

Contact our DAC Support team at support@dynamiccommunities.com and we’ll gladly jump in and assist you with additional binge day questions.


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