Getting to know DAC: Personalizing Your Feed

Monday, March 1, 2021

This website is a re-imagination of the content, community, and event experience. Yeah, we know that may sound a bit over the top, but, really, that is what we have been working so hard to do. Now, to be fully honest, you may find a bug or two and we please ask that you share those with us at We will get to them as quickly and accurately as we can and we will do our best to follow up with you directly.


Now to the tips:

  • Personalizing your DAC is really simple.
  • Simply tap the profile icon in the top right.
  • Choose "My DAC Account" from the menu.


  • Choose "Personalize DAC" from the left-hand menu

  • You will now see the "Personalize DAC" page.
  • This page has tag clouds displayed inside different groups.

  • In each group, select tags based on the areas of interest you have such as CRM, ERP, Artificial Intelligence, Demos, How-Tos, and much more.
  • Once you have chosen the tags in each group, scroll to the top and tap "Ok, I'm Done".


My menu doesn't look like the example in this post... how do I find webinars?

Daniel Zook


Mar 05, 2021 at 14:09 PM