How to Optimize IT Architecture Post an M&A Event With D365

Monday, February 22, 2021

M&A events create opportunities for finance leaders to collaborate with IT to embrace digital transformation and become market leaders. In fact, effective collaboration is essential to transforming in a way that drives new revenue and long-term growth. But while integrating disparate network systems can make them more efficient, it can be challenging when disruptive forces are at work. And even though many companies are using more software vendors, applications, and platforms than ever before, IT networks have never been more complex. This can increase the risk of malfunction or data loss if migrated to new systems. With Dynamics 365, finance executives can simplify their IT infrastructure. However, this requires alignment with other company departments and functions, as well as an understanding of their technology infrastructure and how it affects finance, operations, supply chain, processes, sales, and product strategy.

Gaining a Holistic Picture of Enterprise Processes  

With executives in charge of allocating resources for the very survival of their business, it is critical for them to have the best possible visibility into how processes affect the entire organization. By emphasizing the coordinated approach that an organization’s operating units and functions undertake to manage risk, organizations can face change with greater confidence with an enterprise-wide perspective. With visibility and predictive insights, business leaders can streamline their operations to save years of employee hours. Dynamics 365 for SCM and Finance enables companies to take a comprehensive approach so that initiatives can achieve sustained, long-term profitable growth in the dynamics of a global marketplace. 

Unlocking Benefits: Shifting from Legacy to Cloud-based Systems  

In addition to becoming more standard, cloud ERP contrasts with traditional, on-premises ERP in that the latter can have higher upfront investment and slower implementation processes. Additionally, on-premises ERP often places data security and management directly in the hands of an organization. Cloud solutions shift certain aspects of security to cloud providers, which helps streamline security management. However, that organization may not have adequate security resources or posture, given the current cyberthreat landscape. Because of how valuable predictability is to everyone in the enterprise ecosystem, the task of delivering predictability often falls to executives. With cloud environments, executives can use IT visibility as a critical component of their growth strategy. Visibility means unlocking insights, which in turn can identify growth areas and provide critical context as today’s leaders seek to “futureproof” their organizations. 

5 Ways to Survive a Merger & Acquisition Technology Integration 

  1. Gather Important Post Merger Integration Information in Advance
  2. Assess the Current State of IT Before M&A IT Integration Begins
  3. Pre-Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence is Critical
  4. Integrate Your IT Groups Quickly
  5. Rebrand Externally but Plan Internally

Next Steps       

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