The Future of CRM Is Here; Do You Know

Monday, January 18, 2021

Adobe and Microsoft recently announced the creation of C3 AI CRM software with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365. This innovative AI-first CRM software is built for all types of industries while making it easy to integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud. All of this improves customer-facing business operations with predictive insights.


Adobe, Microsoft Deal

The partnership between Adobe and Microsoft is designed to integrate a suite of AI CRM solutions to handle a wide range of activities, such as customer service, sales, and marketing. All of this is designed to streamline business operations.


AI and CRM offer a dedicated sales team to focus on enterprise accounts for companies across the globe while also focusing on individual agents and industries.


Target markets include manufacturing, public sector, financial services, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, intelligence, telecommunications, and defense.


The Adobe and Microsoft deal is branded together by focusing on the long-term dedication to client success.


These companies are refocusing on a market that Siebel Systems created over 25 years ago. Digital transformation and the ever-changing dynamics of the market have significantly changed CRM software requirements across many industries. AI and CRM software that offers basic services are no longer relevant, as clients expect industry-specific solutions to help them meet the unique needs of their industry.


The past year has made it abundantly clear that companies based on digital technology are much more resilient and capable of handling significant changes in the workplace. The combination of Adobe and creates a brand new market powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AI solutions to enable companies to transform their businesses and gain real-time insight throughout the organization.


The partnership with C3.AI and Microsoft CRM improves digital client engagement by delivering a much richer experience focused on business growth. This unique combination is also an exciting development in the improvement of Enterprise AI.


All of these companies will create unique CRM software that offers much more power to the market. AI is being adopted in numerous internal applications, services, and new products to better meet the needs of customers. C3 AI CRM software will be widely available to each customer while also providing internal benefits due to its capabilities.


The Power of CRM and AI

The combination of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 software with Adobe creates the first AI-driven CRM software that's designed for modern AI-first infrastructure. C3 AI CRM combines a larger number of unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources into a single unit to create predictive insights in real-time across the whole supply chain. Embedded AI technology streamlines industry workflows and offers a wide range of benefits for team members. These benefits include:

•   Predict forecast revenue correctly 

•   Identify future product demand 

•   Recognize and decrease customer churn 

•   Highlight qualified prospects 

•   Find next-best offer and product 

•   Improve marketing and targeting with AI technology 


 C3 AI CRM software allows companies to use real-time client profiles across multiple channels. This integrated ecosystem makes it possible for clients to use CRM solutions across other platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform. The C3 AI CRM software is designed for many different industries, whether you are in healthcare, oil and gas, utilities, automotive, defense, public sector, and many others. The machine learning model for specific industries makes it easy for clients to deploy and use C3 AI CRM software. This technology also uses the Open Data Initiative (ODI), which makes it simple to bring a variety of client data together across multiple enterprises.


C3 AI CRM software is widely available, while the Adobe Experience Cloud is sold by itself.

You can find this software through Microsoft, Adobe, or the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketplace.

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