UG Websites & Community Summit NA 2021 Update

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Dear Community,

The past year has been challenging for everyone,  Dynamic Communities has experienced a ton of disruption and we are ready to get this community back together in person to celebrate the innovation, knowledge sharing and expertise that comes from smart people with a shared vision coming together.

Update on User Groups & LUGS

We have been far from perfect in our communications and we have been working feverishly to create a new environment for sharing ideas and expertise all year long with DAC--but it is early, new and we are still getting some bugs out, and we appreciate your patience as we do so.  As everyone has seen, we have kept the legacy User Group sites on for the foreseeable future because we have not been able to properly migrate the Local User Group functionality into the new platform nor the legacy files from the forums.  We welcome you to continue using that system for any LUG communications, forum posts and more while we continue to work on this functionality in DAC.

Update on Summit North America

We are in the process of getting the Summit North America website up (it will be a few weeks until this is done), however we wanted to start the submission process as early as possible for our Call For Papers.  First things first, as you may (or may not) have seen over email or in some short videos, we are planning to host Summit North America the week of October 11th in Houston, Texas based on the following general schedule:

Tuesday, October 12 – Opening Evening Reception

Wednesday, October 13 – Keynote, Sessions and Expo

Thursday, October 14 – Sessions, Expo and Awards Program 

Unlike 2020, we will be doing a weekly update in social media and on DAC with specifics on how the event is progressing starting 90 days before the event--any programming shifts, Covid-19 news, travel restrictions, safety protocols, rooming updates and more.  Further, any financial commitments to Summit North America will include a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days should the event not be able to floor due to Covid-19. 

Introducing Speaker Submission Process (Call for Papers)

  1. Speaker submissions are open now through July 9, 2021 (or until sessions are filled).
  2. We will be coordinating with content planning committees shortly and you will be notified via email if your session was selected no later than July 16, 2021.
  3. With the Dynamic Communities and Summit staff smaller than in years past per Covid-19, we are using the new content platform (DAC) for speaker submissions. Simply post your submission by uploading or posting it through your profile into the content management system via a YouTube or Vimeo link, adding it as an attachment via PDF, or posting it as a blog.
  4. Simply tap "add content" under your profile icon (top right) and you will see a screen showing the following options--choose which you would like, and follow the process:
  5. This is not your "full presentation" but instead an overview of the session you would lead and some context on what folks will take away from the session.
  6. In your video, blog or uploaded PDF please explain who you are, company/title, session title, speaker(s) and what theme your submission falls under (these themes are not set in stone as "tracks", but they are a general organizing function for submissions).

  • Digital Business: Moves to the Cloud/general transformations to the business and systems
  • ERP/CRM/Business Applications: Dynamics Platform
  • Automation, AI and ML: Power Platform
  • Cyber Security
  • Reporting/Planning & process management
  • Cloud development/low code/no code: Power Platform
  • Analytics/Insights & BI: Power Platform

Each session should note the purpose of the presentation whether to inform, influence or accelerate--again, this is an organizing function to help define the types of sessions, with each one being just as important as the other. These are not perfect (we realize) and they will bleed into each other, but please think about this as someone choosing a session they will go to and aligning that with their expectations.

  • Inform: Educational & Explanatory
  • Examples:
  1. Slide heavy type of presentations
  2. Live demos/tutorials showing how new features/functions work
  3. Tips & Tricks type of presentations
  • Influence: Guidance & Perspective
  • Examples:
  1. Ask the Experts / panel discussions
  2. How-to’s or process walk-throughs.
  3. How to set up security to meet requirements
  4. How to integrate applications
  5. Maximizing your licensing purchases
  • Accelerate: Roadmap & Planning
  • Examples:
  1. New products rolling out and how to prepare your systems, people, or processes.
  2. New features/functions coming or features/functions being deprecated and how to prepare your systems, people, or processes.

Once you get to "Tagging" your post, be sure to choose "2021 Summit Session" in the "Context" section.  All other tags can simply be based on the content of your session.

Thank you for your submission and interest in Community Summit NA. We certainly can’t put together an event like this without community content and support!  For questions or more information, please reach out to DAC Content and Community Director, Aaron Back at  


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