What is an AR Automation Binge and Why Should I Attend?

Sunday, March 21, 2021

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Let's start by explaining exactly what a binge is:

Each Binge, including our April 8th Binge on AR Automation, consists of three primary things to help accelerate the quality and velocity of business technology decisions:

  1. Digital event that runs between two and three hours featuring short form discussions that deliver real world actionable insights that you can apply to your business
  2. Downloadable Guidebook or research report to help map your strategy and guide your decisions
  3. Discovery Call "Challenges" that connect you with our underwriters or sponsors to put context around your needs and how their solutions can help achieve them

Now, onto the specifics for the AR Automation Binge event and how all of this works:

  • 2-Hour Accounts Receivable Automation Binge Digital Event running on April 8th at 11am ET that packs in days-worth of actionable content into a "playlist" of all killer, no filler content to help accelerate your AR Automation decisions:
  • How to Aligning Business, Finance & Technology Strategy through Automation
  • The Impact of Automation on Order-to-Cash
  • Defining a Customer Segmentation Strategy to Recalibrate Collections
  • Setting an Integration Roadmap: from Data Readiness to Eliminating Manual Tasks
  • The Role of AR Departments to Reduce Business Costs and Improve Cash Flow

  • The AR Automation Guidebook, a 17 page report created by the DAC analyst team featuring a wealth of information organized to complement the actionable insights that will be shared at the digital event.

  • The AR Automation Challenge is a discovery call to see if you could achieve up to 3X faster cash postings and decrease past due collections by up to 90% by applying an AR Automation strategy to your business. The experts from HighRadius are standing by to discuss your business needs and outline the where, why and how of automating your accounts receivable process.

Please tap on the link find all of our on demand and future Binge event programs, and feel free to drop comments in the section below for any other binge topics you think we should focus on!

When you boil it down, we are not trying to create "yet another virtual event or webinar," but instead we aim to redefine expectations through this unique approach of actionable video content around a specific theme, guidebooks to help map plans and discovery call challenges that put everything into the context of your business.

Yeah, it is not just better, it is different.

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