Building A Future with Digital Transformation

May 04, 2021

Nowadays, many companies talk about transformation in many aspects from people, to processes, and more. But, the focus on digital transformation actually encompasses many of these areas as it relates to technology. 

In this “Back @ IT” episode, I am joined by Lipi Sarkar, co-author of the book “Building a Digital Future”, and an experienced Programme Director with 20 years of experience. We will unpack the topic of digital transformation through the people involved, how industries are impacted, and what the future workforce will look like.

01:47: A little bit about Lipi Sarkar.

02:22: The acceleration of digital transformation and the people, process, and digital aspects that make this happen.

05:00: Humans Plus Technology

06:06: The impact of digital transformation from the employee and customer perspectives.

08:12: How automation is streamlining work.

09:09: Insights about the book "Build A Digital Future With Dynamics 365".

12:00: Phasing in technology and the pace of change.

13:50: The digital future will see an explosion of jobs in the workforce.

15:39: Microsoft's Industry Clouds and how they accelerate various sectors.

18:04: The perfect storm is happening around partners, customers, and consumers to create the digital future.

20:10: The Wrap-Up: Takeaways as people navigate their decision journeys.

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