DAC News Desk - How Experlogix Is Personalizing CPQ For A New Generation

Apr 27, 2021

In this DAC News Desk interview, Sanjay Asrani VP of Professional Services at Experlogix meets with Aaron Back, Dynamic Communities Senior Analyst.

Sanjay highlights the evolution of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), and how many industries are seeing the benefits of having an intelligent CPQ system as part of their business processes.

01:15: Brief background of Experlogix

02:10: Favorite quote: "We're not trying to make the business adapt to the software. We're trying to have the software work for the business."

03:47: CPQ can reduce the time to market

05:28: Experlogix focus is to operate "at the speed of now" (Quote from Bill Fox, CEO)

06:57: The evolution of the business applications industry has evolved to a more personalized approach.

08:26: The informed consumer vs the distracted consumer

09:50: CPQ can provide "guided selling" to streamline the process

11:48: The industry is headed to an era of "no more screens". Virtual/mixed reality is coming to the forefront.

13:39: Humans are still a vital part of any technology process.

16:51: Personalization of high-value purchases can lead to long-term enjoyment because consumers are empowered with the options.

18:44: The business purchase process can be streamlined by staying within the confines of budgetary needs.

20:20: A large telecommunications company was able to leverage Experlogix out-of-the-box for specific needs with financial and space requirements for satellites.

23:02: Speed of the purchase process can be enhanced by presenting pre-populated information based on past details and then guiding the consumer.

24:14: Key takeaways for listeners from Sanjay. CPQ is a catalyst to bring ideas to fruition.

To learn more about CPQ and how Experlogix can simplify complex processes, you can request a discovery call to get started.

Sanjay Asrani


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