Inside Armanino's "Data-First" Strategy for Helping Customers Digitally Transform

Apr 30, 2021

In this edition of DAC News Desk, John Siefert talks with Tom Mescall and Lori Colvin, from Armanino. Together, they discuss how Armanino, one of the top 25 U.S. CPA and Advisory Firms is helping organizations digitally transform.


1:10: Armanino's approach to Digital Transformation is called DataVue. Some organizations view digital transformation as "changing business" to remain profitable and competitive, while others view digital transformation as "changing operations" to bring internal efficiency and process improvement. DataVue allows a better understanding of the organization's struggles and creating a custom approach towards their business goals.

6:33: Building a customer strategic framework when applying DataVue starts with surveys and consultation to better assess needs and goals.

9:39: Organizations are in the middle of an Acceleration Economy and Armanino aims to support organizations in this environment to scale and build.

11:27: Favorite Quote: "A number of things are going to be profound for organizations, and one is going to be RPA, Robotic Process Automation, to handle business process and business transactions."

13:34: The Importance of Executive Alignment: "The CEO must be an active participant" in the transformation strategy and execution

16:28: How organizations can become "data ready" in phases. Strong data is the future of strong businesses!

18:46: Armanino created a COVID-19 Recovery Tracker to provide organizations access to information most important to decision making for their business. These dashboards are just a start to disseminate helpful, localized trend data to companies all over the United States.

To request a discovery call with Lori, Tom and the team at Armanino, click here!

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