Microsoft Ignite 2021 Power Platform Announcements in 10 mins

Apr 19, 2021

<p>This video will give you a 10 min overview of all the Power Platform Announcements that were made at Microsoft Ignite 2021.

Power Apps Ignite Announcements: 

✅ Power Fx - new low code language for expressing logic across the Microsoft Power Platform. 

✅ Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Power Automate Ignite Announcements: 

✅ Power Automate Desktop for free for Win 10 users

Power Virtual Agents Ignite Announcements: 

✅ AI infused into PVA

Power Platform Governance Ignite Announcements: 

✅ New tenant level reports

✅ Connector action level DLP

✅ Tenant isolation

✅ URL Filtering

Power BI Ignite Announcements: 

✅ Power BI Premium Per user license GA

✅ Gen2 architecture which provides improved performance

Links to blogs related to Microsoft Ignite 2021 Power Platform Announcements:

Power Fx:

Power Automate Desktop:

Power Virtual Agents:

Power BI:

Power Platform Governance:

Links to sessions related to Microsoft Ignite 2021 Power Platform Announcements:

What's new and what's next for the Microsoft Power Platform:

Enhancing the Admin experience with Power Platform Governance:

Roadmap for high productivity development in Power Apps:

Power Automate Empowering the Democratization of Automation:

Drive a data culture with Power BI: Vision, Strategy, and roadmap:

Table of Contents: 

00:00 - Intro 

00:08 - What is Microsoft Power Fx?

03:08 - Demo of Power Fx

04:13 - Microsoft Dataverse for Teams announcements

05:02 - Power Automate Desktop announcements

06:39 - Power Virtual Agents announcements

07:36 - Power Platform Governance announcements

09:27 - Power BI premium per user license announcements

10:00 - Outro

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