Microsoft's Preferred AP Automation Solution for Dynamics ERPs

Nov 06, 2020

As 2020 progresses, finance departments are tasked with becoming leaders in digital transformation by creating resilient organizations that can manage business disruption in AP and procurement processes and prepare for unknown challenges that lie ahead. These initiatives will be crucial in determining which businesses will bolster productivity, enable a remote workforce and drive growth and which will fall behind. Attend this solution showcase to learn:•    How Dynamics users are using digital transformation in the "new normal" to achieve a truly touchless invoice management process•    The importance of automation in establishing visibility and control of cash flow, DPO, and liabilities across all entities globally•    Why finance organizations are leveraging cloud-based automation for accounts payable as a priority in 2020 for ensuring continuity across their organization•    The importance of leveraging Microsoft’s Preferred Solution to meet the needs of your existing ERP(s), while being flexible enough to support your operational requirements through upgrades and changes

Shannon Kreps

Daniel Shore

Dynamic Communities


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