Navigating the RPA Landscape: Interview with Antti Viitala of Synpulse Consulting

May 03, 2021

A few months back, Microsoft began offering Power Automate Desktop free for all Windows Users. How does it fare vs. other RPA providers like Blue Prism and UiPath? Moreover, where might this lead the future of RPA?

Antti Viitala, Solution Architect at Synpulse Management Consulting, implements RPA and its technical and functional architectures, to aid organizations with implementing and scaling their robotic process automation projects. This industry experience across RPA tools allows him to share valuable insight into the functionality and benefits of each.

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0:55: Based in Hong Kong and focused on financial services, RPA is an area that is rapidly scaling.

02:22: Creating strong processes begins with intentionally structured data and processes, not just good data alone!

3:30: Defining RPA - how it's defining the modern workplace and associated jobs

7:18: Microsoft made Power Automate Desktop free for Windows, see Antti's piece here via Linkedin. How does this compare to the other big hitters in RPA like UiPath and Blue Prism?

12:39: Microsoft is a common "household name," accessible for anyone in a work environment now, but this may cause inaccurate data leading to costly mistakes, lack of internal business governance and causes workforce inefficiencies and duplication.

15:27: Final Takeaways on the Future of RPA: 1) This is just the beginning of RPA, 2) Start small when implementing and scale up 3) For companies wary about embracing RPA, consider a pay-per-consumption license which more RPA providers are offering.

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